The Big Enchilada – Invent a’Duino

This project assumes you have no actual arduino hardware to work with at this point, so you are going to use your imagination to design your very own Arduino oddball project.  Sketch your Arduino creation on a piece of paper and label the INPUT and OUTPUTs of the project. Your project and creation must meet the following criteria.


  1. Use at least one sensor to detect external conditions.  It could be temperature, light, motion, CO2, sound etc.
  2. Have at least one output that reacts to the external conditions being monitored.
  3. Your creation must serve a useful purpose. Write this purpose clearly for others to understand.
  4. Write an IF – THEN statement that applies to your invention and how it works.  For example, IF the temperature is below freezing THEN turn on a heat lamp to protect a plant.