About aRbotics

 At aRbotics we love Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and the promise it holds for a better future.  Our products and lessons reflect the passion of our global team of educators, scientists and engineers who believe learning together, we can create a better tomorrow. 

Meet  aRbotics!

Robert and Heidi Grover, the founders of the aRbotics product line, believe in technology and the extraordinary opportunities it presents for student learning and improving quality of life.  Whether gathering and analyzing real-world data, printing a 3D model, building a virtual world or manufacturing an invention dreamed up the night before, powerful, accessible tools now exist for everyone providing opportunities like never before.

A is for Alpha.

You see it in the core of our logo and in the philosophy of our products. Beginning something big. Being first. Products in the aRbotics line we envision to be disruptive in price and rich with features, benefits and capabilities for students, educators and makers. 

We love this stuff. You will too.

Meet Team aRbotics

Meet a few of our contributors, developers, visionaries, authors, teachers, managers and wizards!

Rob Cohen


Dahlton Grover



Francois Justice Durham


Max Head



What can aRbotics do for you?

Our team loves technology and teaching, let us know if we can help with your projects!

Unique STEM Products

With our remarkable depth of experience and capabilities in the areas of electronic and mechanical engineering, we love building our own products as well as partnering with other companies that make learning engaging and effective.

Customized STEM Solutions

Based on extensive experience in the classroom, in the STEM lab and working with large scale implementations around the world, we develop customized solutions that meet a variety of standards and learning objectives.  

Makerspaces and STEM Labs

We know the products, design, programming and management frameworks needed to run effective STEM programs and Makerspaces because we’ve built and run them ourselves.  Let us know if we can help!

Contact aRbotics

Reach out and let us know if you have a project you’re contemplating or already have underway.  We love to hear from fellow STEM enthusiasts and love to share. Resellers, we’re actively looking for friends and partners around the world.

Learn. Create. Succeed.