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aRbotics offers technology-rich products designed to inspire lifelong learning. Our learning portal shows you how to use them.


Everyone’s welcome!! Check out our FREE courses designed to get you and your students up to speed on STEM topics related to our products.  These courses   stand-alone and no purchase is required, simply set up a free account and start learning.

Product Courses

When you buy an aRbotics product,  a number of courses related to that product are included with your purchase. You’ll also have access to specialized topics that you can purchase ala carte from our course catalog for more options.


If you want your students to each have their own course access, ability to take quizzes and tests online and have the benefit of  the aRbotics Learning platform you can buy blocks of student accounts – it’s inexpensive and easy to manage!

Resellers Rejoice!

aRbotics seeks partners to resell and spread the word about our wild and wonderful new world of STEM wizardry and high-tech teaching products.  If you have STEM  customers from elementary to university levels looking for exciting products with extraordinary teaching potential, we’d like to to talk to you.

Something Big

The aRbotics team is excited to announce the impending release of an awesome, lightweight, tiny box crammed full of more juicy technology and fun than you can shake a meter stick at.  With this revolutionary new product, you can collect loads of information about how you walk, run, tumble and roll.  You can learn about the science of rollercoasters and earthquakes. You can strap it on the back of a drone and explore flight data, environmental data, performance data, sunshine and more.  STEM has never been so much fun, or so portable.  Contact us to reserve your pocket full of sunshine today!

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Learn. Create. Succeed.